Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Diet - Just One Thing!

Here is an easy one for you - Identify one thing in your diet that you know is suspect. For me, it would be chocolate. You could cut out alcohol, one less sugar in your coffee, crisps, breakfast rolls. Make a commitment and don't eat them for 6 weeks. See how you feel, see if you have lost body fat. It's the small changes that make the difference. Now if you are a big drinker then cutting out alcohol altogether will be a big change and you might not have the will power to do it. Why not work out what you consume in an average week and then cut that in half. We want to be able to stick to it. It's not meant to be easy but we need it to be achievable. We take baby steps and when we get good at this stuff we can make the bigger changes that will impact massively on our lives and those around us.  Your mission is to take one thing that's not helping you in the long term and take it out the diet for 6 weeks. 

Get on it and make the changes!

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