Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas - Fitness and Food

During any holiday period it is easy to become complacent with diet and training. Try not to beat yourself up about it if you do fall off the wagon a little bit. For the majority of us our training is a long term thing and we are not competitive athletes. We don't have a weight to make an event to compete in or a fight. We train because we love it and want to be stronger, fitter and faster than most. If you consider that you will train for the rest of your life then taking some time off isn't a major thing. We can get that cardio back, lose that weight or put that muscle back on. In fact if you have been training hard all year then perhaps its time for a break. A little rest can work wonders and let your body repair itself and more often than not you will come back feeling stronger.

It's a tough time when everyone is offering you alcohol, food and snacks but everything in moderation. Normally you can be eating turkey for a about two weeks no matter where you go and turkey is a great meat. Just go easy on the carbs and top up on the vegetables. If you have time off and you want to train then you really don't have an excuse. Get the trainers on and run around the block a few times. Get some sprint drills in between lamp posts. Or simply stay indoors and work bodyweight exercises. Challenge yourself to see how many burpees you can do in three minutes, see how long you can hold the plank for. Try and master the one armed push up or increase your explosiveness with clapping push ups. Or why not think about stretching and mobility work. Look to increase your flexibility and range of motion with various movements. There are a number of excellent mobility drills all over you tube so get researching.

You are a student of movement regardless what programmes you train in at the gym. Study, question and improve in all areas of your life. Start with the body and then think about the mind. There is so much you can do to improve yourself and in turn it will improve the lives of others. Think about how the new you will reflect on your kids your partner and colleagues. Give that guy in the office the push he needs to start exercise, pick up some cushions and train with your kids. Teach your wife or your husband some basic self defence techniques. It's only a two week break so be inventive, keep yourself and your training ticking over and all will be great.

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