Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Monday started with a huge phys portion for the warm up, we kicked off with skipping and moved onto the 300.  As the title may suggests it means doing 300 reps of push ups,sit ups and squats. Excellent effort from everyone.

We kept up the pace and moved onto some pad work, concentrating on moving round someone in a fighting stance, looking at various methods of parrying and flanking footwork to ensure the most accurate striking.
We dropped pads and looked at the 360 drill then added in some lock & control techniques. We then ramped up the speed a little bit and put everyone through a gauntlet style drill, we had the guys line up 
opposite one another with the kick shields creating a kind of 'padded alley' with the 'bad guy' at the end wearing the body protector, head guard and thai pads and the 'good guy' at the other end of the alley. The 'good guy' started by putting there forehead on a mop handle and running round it 10 times then they had to make it through the 'padded alley'and get to the bad guy. 

It was a great drill and something different to get to grips with, these strange disorientating drills are great for adding a different dynamic to your training.  We finished the night off with some Tactical Edge stick work, looking at the randonda and heaven six family and then worked 
through some empty hand application.


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