Sunday, 18 November 2012


The MMA class started off with a partner warm-up, this consisted of -

Piggyback lunges
Partner sit-ups
Fireman’s carry walk
Partner squats (either piggyback or fireman’s carry)
Bear hug walk

Each exercise was done for a minute then swap.

Warm-up over, we moved onto tonight’s chain starting with – 

Lead inside leg kick, Rear axe kick,  Jab, Cross, Hook, Front  snap kick, Left body hook, Right head hook.

From here the pad holder went to ground as if hit flush with the head hook. 
We moved on to the next part of the chain –

Matador pass to knee on belly from ground and pound then take the arm for the armbar.

We then looked at what we could do to reverse the situation if we were the one on our back with an opponent standing in our guard so we then drilled the Tripod and Hook sweeps.

We then finished class with a bit of rolling. Good fun class with everyone making good progress.

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