Sunday, 18 November 2012


A time for testing.  Both sessions will have a technical session where we will go over the material you need to know in order to test.  Basically, the grading allows us an opportunity to work out where you are in the system.  It lets the student know exactly what level they are and gives them a goal to continue training hard.

There will a kickboxing grading on Saturday 1 December from 11-1pm.  The session is £25 and a certificate will be awarded upon passing.

There will be a Krav Maga grading from 1-4pm approx.  So we will have a good training session and I can see how you pick up and use the material then I will ask you to run some situationals as we do in class and then we will grade you appropriately.  For the first time ever I am going to allow people to jump grades if appropriate.  This is because I have not been holding regular gradings and people may have jumped a few grades.  The session is £25 and a certificate will be awarded upon completion.

The gradings are open to everyone who trains at the club.  The grading will be the equivalent to a months training so as long as you have made four classes prior to the grading you will at least be level one.

I will have a sheet on the gym desk.  If you want to grade or are interested then please put down your name and email address and we will sort it all out.


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