Wednesday, 28 November 2012


All I want to see is how you deal with the information I give you on the day.  Im not one for 5 hour Krav Maga gradings.  You are going to ask someone to perform for 20 minutes at a good rate.  All the rest is simply me seeing how you perform technically.  Then when I ask you to deal with a situation you ramp it up and go for it.  That's how real life is, we don't have to work for 5 hours as we are not in battle.  There are reasons for doing long gradings but I don't buy into them and that's not what I want the gym to focus on.  I want to improve you technically and then have you perform under pressure.  Think fast, act faster.   Good luck to everyone on Saturday and if you have any questions drop me an email or text or speak with one of the other instructors. I will be back in the gym on Saturday.  Over and out.


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