Monday, 22 October 2012


On Saturday 27 October I will be holding a combative stick seminar between 12-2pm. £20 per person and you will also get a set of sticks. The seminar is limited and is on first come first serve basis. Pay me in class or email or text me if you want a place. I will aim to cover some of the foundational material as well as drills and applications that will be new to you. The idea is that we will start with a base drill and then develop it. So if its new to you then you can work on it and if you have the drill down then we can expand and develop. It will be a good fun day and is open to anyone from the gym regardless of experience. Training with the sticks is a fantastic way to develop your co-ordination, speed timing and rythm. It greatly enhances your empty hand skills and can make your kickboxing that much improved. You are also learning how to defend against and impact weapon or to deploy one and use as a common object in a self defence situation. If you have any questions please just ask. Hope to see you there. Marcus

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