Wednesday, 10 October 2012


3 knife threat positions. Floor, rear, frontal position. Work the three knife threat defences in isolation. Then have three attackers repeatedly feed you the lines. Make sure when it is the defender is on working on the ground threat that you take them to the ground, they should feel the impact. Don’t worry about a break fall you want them to have a little wind knocked out of them. Or consider pushing the trainee face first into the wall to work the threat from the rear. As you get comfortable with the drill try and intercept some of the threats. So as someone walks towards you to threaten you use your long range tools or a common object to stop them. Also have them have the weapon in their waist band or pocket and as they look to produce it, trap it and counter strike. Make sure there is some verbal going on therefore you are have the trainee learn to attack prior to the incident as they interpret the threat. So if someone says “give me your money or Im going to stab you” you learn an appropriate response. The idea behind the drill is to familiarize the trainee with the basic ideas behind the defences, then pressure them in terms of repeated attacks and then finally forcing them to think for themselves. Nothing in combat is static and the trainee must learn to adapt and overcome. Keep in mind that your environment will be different to the gym, it will be littered with objects to fall over or push opponents into.

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