Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Tonights class was a very general run through of pad work, close quarter strikes and the takedowns from level 1 of the syllabus. We started with the pads, using straight heel palms and our outward hammer fists, these were done in combination to mimic striking from a clothing grab. From there we dumped the pads and moved into the clothing grab, we kept it basic and focused on how our foot work and strikes linked together with proper body mechanics to make our defence and counter strikes more effective, we added in some foot sectors and our rear neck whip to finish the set off. We ended the class with the SBLD drill and threw in the rear neck whip as a finisher. The only thing some of the guys were struggling with was the correct V step during the limb destruction drill, remember guys where the feet go the body will follow, that V step is the key to getting drill and technique correct so we'll be using it a lot next week. Next Monday we're going to smash through comsets for the majority of the class, these are our 'standard operating procedure' for some common attacks and threat positions but are primarily a learning tool to help you get a flow of techniques stringing together effectively. See you all then. Michael

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