Saturday, 22 September 2012


Thursday nights MMA started offf with a quick warm up of - Push Ups Crunches Squats Lunges Three sets, one of 40 then 20 and finish on 10! We then moved onto some mobility drills and control drills. Tonight's MMA chain started with - Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross, Cover L&R, Double Jab Low Inside Leg Kick, Rear Axe Kick, Jab, Cross From here we then looked at defending the shot and gaining either head control or underhooks. Where they ended up would dictate the takedown used. Head control to takedown resulted in a rather nasty neck crank whereas underhooks to takedown ended with a nice double wrist-lock from side-control. The guys then put all this together and worked through the different chains they could create from the start to finish! We then closed the night with a bit of rolling. I'm seeing massive improvements in a LOT of the guys wrestling & groundfighting skills as the weeks go by, so keep it up guys, great work! Scott

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  1. Great class Scott. Bring on next Thursday! Kris W.