Tuesday, 4 September 2012


The other night while I was working out over by the weights area, one of the kickboxers was over using the heavy bag. This isn't uncommon obviously but as they were smashing away i couldn't help but notice for all the power they were throwing into it their body mechanics just weren't quite there, the arms didn't fully extend during the punches and when they threw that rear right round kick their left foot stayed planted, foot work and stance were fine but those flaws really got me thinking. The kickboxing class is all about intensity and hitting hard,fast and accurately but a lot of the time the finer points of movement can be overlooked and compensated for by power and over time these little things can heavily effect your game. Theres an easy way to help correct this and get your range of motion and your body mechanics back to peak form, SHADOW BOXING. Shadow boxing is one of the greatest drills/warm ups/training tools a fighter can have, it's what separates the goods from the greats and yet I never really see anyone doing it. I know it looks stupid and cliché but don't let that put you off. You may have heard some of us say 'go slow and grow' its not just a nice poetic turn of phrase its a genuine method. By moving slower and concentrating on how your body moves and how everything connects you build better muscle memory, you train your body to move correctly. Now this takes time, like everything it doesn't just happen over night, but even just two 2min rounds every day will help correct those little faults. The best way to start is in front of a mirror, you have to be heavily critical of yourself at first, start off static with a good base and your rear heel just off the ground, throw a jab at about half speed, are you twisting your hip into it? Is your arm moving out and back straight? Is your balance off? Try punches on there own then try throwing some combinations, slowly introduce some kicks, again everything should be around half speed. This doesn't just apply to the kickboxers, its a cross over training method that easily applies to Krav Maga, Tacical Edge and N.S.I. It just takes a little imagination. imagine that haymaker punch coming at you, V-step, checking arm and punching arm extended, hammer fist to neck, pass the attacking arm over, even throw in a mid air takedown,why not. So 'go slow and grow'. If you have any questions about the way your striking or you think something about your technique is off just ask. Everyones got their own style and we encourage that but we don't want these bad habits raising there heads. Michael

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