Tuesday, 28 August 2012


If we are not training with sticks like the Filipino arts then it will generally take longer to get our left and right hand working in the same way. One will always be super supreme over the other. A simple test try throwing a ball with each hand and check out the difference, in speed, power and accuracy. Today try and do as much as you can with your non dominant hand. Open doors, type, use the mouse, drink cups of coffee from. If you have to write things then this could be interesting. The point is try and use it more. In training imagine your dominant hand cannot be used, its in a cast, you've punched someone in the head and it can't be used, it's been hacked off! Just use the other hand and see how you get on. It makes for a fun training session. Do the class you are training in minus one hand, make sure you get the instructor's permission or just tell him you busted your hand and you can only work with one!

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