Friday, 31 August 2012


I want you all to succeed but in reality its not that easy. I can give you all the tools you need but you have to want it and want it bad. If you want that physique then you need to work hard. How many cover model bodies do you see floating about the place - not many. That's because it takes such hard work and few people are willing to dedicate that time. If it was easy we would all do it. However, you can do it and if you keep trying then you can never fail. Maybe you want to improve on your self defence. Well you need to put in the practice, I can't do it for you. I coach you and give you guidance but YOU need to put in the time. If it was easy we would all be Jason Bourne. I want you all to do well in whatever you want to achieve but we must accept it won't come easy and we need to work hard. I hate to see people jack after a few sessions. For some the warm up is like a full fitness class. It gets easier in time and you need to give it a chance. If you operate out side of your comfort zone think of the gains you will make. You don't have to stray that far just a quick step outside and then you can revel in what you did later on. Give things time, take it easy, work hard and you will get it all. All that you ever wanted but you must commit. Don't be the guy thats done 4 classes of everything. Stick, commit be great and when the time comes leave with a sense of achievement.

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