Monday, 23 July 2012


Often in class we might practice what would be seen as overkill. We all know how many police officers are training at the gym and I always go out of my way to explain the use of the force ladder. If someone grabs you then in most circumstances you cannot put a hand grenade down their jumper. It's common sense, the more serious YOU deem the situation the more force YOU can use. In class I like to link things together so if we are training a combative set then I want to get as much from it as possible. Practice as many strikes as I can from an altercation. It's my insurance policy and makes for good solid training. It would be like a soldier only firing one round hoping he hits his target when in fact he puts lots of rounds down range or thinks about more than one target. That is why I love Kelly Worden's dirty dozen. 12 strikes that ink together which in practice you use two or three. At the end of the day i treat everyone like an adult. You make your own decisions outside in life however, in the gym I try and guide you and coach you to get the most from your training. Marcus

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