Wednesday, 4 July 2012


We focused on tool development on the pads so that everyone had a plethora of strikes to use in a variety of ranges. From there we linked them together in various combinations training both offence and defence. We can’t simply be winning all the time during a confrontation. We added in a variety of takedowns which can place us in an advantageous position. These takedowns allow us to remain tactically aware of multiple opponents and also able to monitor the movements of the attacker. These takedowns are ideal solutions for police, military and security personnel. I stressed to everyone that when you hit someone there is a good chance they will fall and damage their head which is something you can do without. So the takedowns allow you connectivity and the ability to control the descent of the attacker. Now the hardcore internet warriors out there will tell you about how if someone attacks them then they will simply destroy them. Most of the time they will never be in a confrontation as they will never leave their keyboards. I train regular people not troublemakers. These people don’t want trouble from the police, courts or any other disruption in their lives. Simply put its better to walk away but if it kicks off and you have no coice then you have to act. However, act in way you can deal with at a later date mentally, morally and ethically. Don’t be overly cruel as that will only come back to haunt you. At the end of the day your training is journey and you will be exposed to various aspects, approaches and concepts. Practice, play and adapt them in the gym. Then its up to you to decide what works for you and what is truly useful. Think about some of Bruce Lee’s famous quotes regarding simplicity. I know a huge amount of material as it is my job to educate but I have a small solid skill set that I employ in times of crisis. You don’t need all the fancy stuff, hat keeps you interested and makes the training enjoyable. In reality you want simple direct approaches. Keep this in mind in all your training, even the physical fitness. It looks great doing some fancy exercises from Men’s Health magazine but if you can’t do a pull up what the hell are you thinking!. Marcus

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