Monday, 2 July 2012


What a wonderful invention the old finger jab is. In KM they normally target towards the eyes or the throat. Remember its like a jab in that its merely a set up to get your bigger shot in there. Everyone will react even those with glasses as its all part of your flinch response. A finger in the eye by mistake causes most professional bouts to stop for a while so think what kind of gap that can give us in reality combined with constant forward pressure. The reality is it can be taught to anyone and it doesn't rely on muscle mass to be effective. You can practice in front of the mirror or with focus mitts. With the mitts aim to have your fingers rest on top of the pad so you develop accuracy and also keep your fingers in one piece. There are lots of different opinions on the exact positioning of the fingers with striking so not to damage your hand, find what works for you. You could also have your training partner wear protective glasses and use that or get them to hold up an transparency if you still get that so you can see their face through it and build accuracy. It's a great tool and one that is easy to land or gets you the desired reaction so you can use your other tools. Train it lots and you will soon find the need for less and less techniques. Marcus

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