Thursday, 12 April 2012


By locking we mean to control a limb in a way that pressure is applied so we can stop an attacker striking us or move someone as we wish. If we apply fast strong pressure to a limb then that can be a break or slower more gradual pressure is a lock.

Now as civilians we want to be able to end any confrontation quickly and have no real need to lock or restrain someone, that is surely the job of the police or someone working in the security industry - or do we? Think about you being a strapping 6ft specimen and all of a sudden you are faced with a 5ft 4 skinny jeans wearing teen who really has taken a dislike to you and will not take no for an answer. You have done everything you can to de-escalate but for whatever reason he wants to turn this physical.

Now, you have the right to defend yourself however, morally and legally think how this will look to the police, witnesses and the court. If he strikes you and you wade in all guns blazing then you are going to be in for a tough time in the aftermath. Any instructor telling you to go physical and deal with it later really shouldn't be teaching. You can lose your job, your family all over some little altercation. Now, it go really serious and they could be armed however, I am telling you he isn't and he just wants to get in your face. So you should think about using locks or controls that prevent him doing damage to you or anyone you are with

You want to let him know that its futile for him to continue and then slip safely away from the situation. So where can I learn these locks? Well to tell you the truth they aren't really found in Krav Maga. I remember speaking with Eyal about it and he had a good lock flow on the go himself however, he said it was often hard to get it across to people quickly and then to have them retain it and be able to use it successfully.

So we need to go to the NSI class where this can be found as part of the everyday curriculum. It's got a great structured lock flow within it and it flows beautifully from the boxing or kickboxing or even the stick work. So if you want to learn it for fun, for safety or you require it for your job then you need to be along training on a Wednesday at 7.15pm.

It simple really, find a joint and apply pressure the way it doesn't like to bend. And don't try and force it, if you aint getting the desired effect then move to another lock. And if you get someone who is hyper-mobile like a woman I was training at a seminar last week you have no option but to use another control like a head manipulation, neck crank or go back to striking. At least then you can say to you tried to end it peacefully but were to go to a higher degree or force. You can't just steam in all guns blazing all of the time and it's madness to think you can.


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  1. I def see NSI as being more suited to security work than the other classes. It is much more common to have conlicts starting from trying to move someone who doesn't want to be moved than it is to actually come under a physical attack.

    John Murphy