Thursday, 26 April 2012


Monday saw us work on our Banda Banda drill, this is a great drill to get stuck into as it works not only weapon familiarity and edge alignment but it also speeds up the coordination of both hands and gives the attributes needed for some of our panantukan entries and our counter knife techniques. Once we had the drill down we jumped into a situational, mid to high line knife threat and then worked up the force ladder. Our first technique was our passing hands in which we look to blow the knife out of the attackers hand, quick counter strikes if needed and off to safety, the second saw the same technique but looking to take control of the knife and get into a bargaining position or a takedown and our final technique was our returning blades curriculum. Each technique went up a level in force and even though our returning blade technique might be the easiest and quickest to perform the system is called tactical edge for a reason and turning and maiming an attacker isn't always our aim. Great effort from everyone, see you all next week. Michael

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