Sunday, 25 March 2012

MMA Class on Thursday

We started off with a good warm which consisted of 1 minute rounds of:

Shadow boxing
Shooting for a takedown
Shadow boxing with sprawls
Punching the heavy bag
Shadow boxing with sprawls
Kicking the heavy bag

This was repeated 3 times so a good, fast paced warm up to get the guys moving.
Tonight we started with a basic combo of low inside leg kick into jab, cross, uppercut, cross. The guys worked this back and forth, moving about and using footwork to good effect. Once everyone had got to grips with that we add in a couple of knees, worked that back and forth then added some dirty boxing, controlling the head we put in two short uppercuts followed by a straight right. From the straight right we then added the single leg take down, this took a bit of getting used to for some off the guys but after a while they were all doing well. Now we looked at being on the ground, take down achived but we've ended up in our opponents guard. So open their guard, pass and into side control. Once in side control we looked at various versions of figure four arm locks, straight arm bars, fore arm chokes and the good old neck crank.

So once we pieced it all together it went like this

Low inside leg kick, jab, cross, uppercut, cross into clinch with two knees, two short uppercuts into a straight right, shot for the single leg takedown, into opponents guard, open guard then pass to side control and look to finish with submission or strikes.

All the guys were looking good so we finished the class off with a little light sparring/rolling to let them put what they'd learnt to use.
All in all a great class and the guys all looked sharp. See you all again next week!

Scott Mellia

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