Monday, 6 February 2012


Tonight we skipped and then a bodyweight drill with exercises we grinded out and then did them explosively in the next round. From there we looked at a simple skill set to defend against straight attack, round kicks and hooking punches. So we looked at ways to defend and then counter strongly. This skill set then makes all the other escapes and defences icing on the cake. How is someone going to get hands on you when you can control your environment. Obviously through alcohol, environment and mental state you cannot always control everything but with these tools you should be able to defeat most attacks. At this gym I am interested in creating individuals who can utilise tools and working on the fighting side of conflict rather than collecting techniques. What happens when you face a technique you haven't a defence again - you freeze? Techniques are there to keep you interested. I don't want students who let people grab them. choke them or put them in headlocks. What's up with that. If you are the type of person that wants to collect all this then perhaps you are more suited to learning a martial or training with another Krav Maga club. I want people to think for themselves and become well grounded individuals capable of making decisions to keep themselves out of trouble and their families safe.


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