Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Tonight we went straight into drills. Firstly we went through punyo sombrada, concentrating on precise cutting angles from there we went into the tapping drill which concentrates on our thrusting triangle and finally we jumped into our hubud drill. Once we had these three down I got the guys to go from hubud into punyo sombrada or tapping, remember every drill we do can be started out of hubud whether it's knifes, stick or lock flow. We finished off by dissecting the drills and using some of the movements in an unarmed application. Remember all the weapon drills we do are to enhance our empty hand skills, one of the biggest criticisms I hear about tactical edge from people wanting to start training is 'oh it looks a
bit scary cause your using knifes and sticks' its important to remember the real reason we're using these weapons, yes it's skill development and your getting to know how to use a weapon but more so it's to increase your empty hand skills and get your coordination and speed developing quicker. I also mentioned about this years tactical edge battle camp that Pete Mcclay Is hosting in Ireland, if anyone is interested in getting over for a great weekend drop me an email n I'll get the details over to you. There was alot to take in last night but everyone took there time and got to grips with it in the end. Great effort guys.


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