Thursday, 23 February 2012


Mondays class started off with some revision of last weeks knife drills, we ran through hubud and flowed into punyo sombrada. The rest of the night we focused on our SBLD and went into our siko drill, at any random point i got the guys to brake the drill by throwing in an eye strike and flowing into a take down. We switched and used our panantukan entry off a clothing grab and again moved into our siko drill then using either our pull through or our passing hands we moved to our opponents opposite side to perform a takedown. It was a back to basics after last weeks blade work but it showed how well everyone has progressed. next week we'll look at how to weaponise the siko drill which will help speed everyones hands up and how to add the knife into our takedowns. A huge well done to the two new guys that came along, they picked everything up really well and got stuck in. great effort guys.


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