Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Monday night we kicked off with some pad work using some of our basic hand strikes to get warm.
We jumped straight into our hubud drill and started to throw some strikes in where we could see fit, hubud is all about flow and sensitivity and being able to switch from the drill into striking and back into the drill is an invaluable tool to have. using our strikes in isolation we flew through a couple of quick 'comsets' to keep everyones brains ticking over. Last week i got everyone working through our siko drill and just to make sure they had it locked in i got the guys to rattle through it again, everyone seemed to remember it well enough for us to move onto the next step which is to weaponise it. using our pakal grip we flowed through the drill and started to pick off appropriate lines and targets and then using the knife we re-enforced some of our takedowns, remember everything weapon based within tactical edge is conceptual so although we were using a knife it could be any number of improvised weapons or self defence tools. some of the knife assisted tactics and takedowns where new to the guys and you could see the cogs turning and the occasional brain fart but as always everyone worked through it and managed to pick something out and utilise it for them self's. Great stuff guys.


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