Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Tonight we started off with a basic combo and then looked at using our boxing cover to defend a hooking punch. From there we sought attachment and trapped the arm the same way you do with the pistol disarm from the rear or the overhead stick attack. We then quickly attacked with an elbow and used this as a take down. We worked various striking patterns off of this and put the lights out for a short while so we had low light conditions. We used this to develop our close quarter skills where you will feel rather than see. Remember at this gym we emphasise extreme close quarter combat. We fight at the range where others cannot. We also looked at range control and not fighting hip to hip like so much of the KM that you see out there. You can't just steam roller down the middle all the time. Generally attackers are bigger than you and there is more than one of them. So there is a need to break left or right. Anyone telling you otherwise perhaps needs to rethink their strategy.

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