Friday, 20 January 2012


Last night we went straight into pad work covering evasion and attacks. All the tools in the sets could be used to defend against so many attacks. We worked some shadow fighting trying to further develop our physical and also mental visualisation skills. We concentrated on defending against a headlock from the rear. I spoke about prevention and offered two options. At the end of the day the situation will more than likely arise out of surprise and be the result of a multiple attack therefore not much room for prevention. We worked the release in isolation and then as part of a multiple attack drill. I stressed the need for being a difficult partner once in a while. If you see your partner has the skills down then foul him a little. This will force him to improvise and adapt. However, you can't do this all the time as it can create a poor training environment and hinder their development. Also, they then can do the same to you. So every once in a while foul a little. If you do it too much you end up with nobody wanting to partner you. This came about through demonstrations last night where a couple of the guys whether deliberately or not fowled me. So, build it into your training and keep yourself sharp. Great effort from everyone.


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