Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Thursday @ Kickboxing

Was quite a cold night on Thursday so we kicked off with fast body weight drills to get everyone warmed up, from there we went right into power development on the kick shields. We then finished off with some fast combinations on the focus mitts. Excellent effort from everyone, you can really see the people that train consistently and it's clear there training I'd paying off so keep it up guys!

Thursday night @ Krav Maga

Class was packed! Excellent turn out considering the weather outside but that didn't seem to hinder people's training one bit. After a huge body weight workout with everyone pumped and slightly adrenalised We jumped straight in the thai pads for some fast and hard combinations, we worked from various ranges and heights to control our attacker. To give everyone a well earned breather we ran through the 360 drill then added our simultaneous strike and finally used forward pressure we then gave the guys a scenario and got them to use the 360 followed by the combinations they had learned and we finished off with a few simple takedowns. Great effort from everyone, especially the new starts who really got stuck in to the material. See everyone next week!


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