Tuesday, 6 December 2011


We started off with and explosive warm up which only took minutes and had the guys prepared. From there it was onto the pads to look at developing various strikes in combinations. We then looked at the scooping motion and how it relates to defending kicks and stabbing actions. We looked at the pros and cons of using both out left and right hands. One would close an attacker whereas the other one would open them up. I said that the idea behind the scoop in KM is more of an action where you are less prepared so in the heat of battle you are simply going to react, you don't have time to think about is left better than right. We looked at some ideas for multiple attacks drills and closing distance, using an attacker as a shield and concentrated on realistic timings with our multiple attackers. Too often people wait around when in reality they act like a pack of dogs. At the end of the session we covered the various strikes we had used then said well we can use them both left and right. We had close to 20 tools. So if you are sharp you get the material, train it at home or in your head and hey presto you have all this knowledge. Everything we do is scalable. So I give you a basic template and then if you can keep up I give you more options. For the new guys though less can be best. Get the fundamentals nailed. Bruce Lee always spent time on the fundamentals. In Krav Maga all the good solid material is found in the early stages. The later stuff is really icing on the cake and to keep you interested and motivated. Everything should be fun and enjoyable keep that in mind.


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