Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Off to a great start this week. Kickboxing on Monday focussed heavily on conditioning and last night's class looked at footwork. The theme this week for Krav Maga will be multiple opponents as last week someone was attacked on Leith walk and robbed by three people. This is the month where you need to get to class and train hard. Decemeber for most people can be a tricky time to train with work and family commitments, so get along now and put the time in. Some people are training almost everyday which is a joy for me to see. Even if you can only come once a week, try and make sure you come every week. If you want to improve yourself then you need to make time. It's easy to find an excuse not to train. It's harder to go and train when it's cold and dark outside. You started training as you wanted to acheieve something so let's see it through together.


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