Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Last Night At Kettlebells

Exactly what it says on the tin, the guys kicked off last night with a quick set of skipping then went straight into a circuit. 10 reps on 10 different stations 10 times. It was a fairly gruelling session but everyone fought they’re way through. We then switched pace towards the end of the class and focused on a intense 3min set with 30 seconds rest. The class finished with a great stretching session to send everyone home nice and relaxed. Great effort tonight from everyone, it was a difficult set but everyone just got on with it, remember you get out what you put in.

Mixed Kickboxing

Last night we went on a old school warm up ‘judo club’ style, I must say this was a easy but fast paced warm up and a lot of these guys had just been through an hour of kettlebell work so a major tip of the hat to you for the pace you all kept. Dimitri then took the guys through various pad set combo’s, we really slowed down the techniques and showed them in a more combative sense and put emphasis on body mechanics and targeting. Remember guy’s are classes at Combat Ready all centre on being reality based, there really isn’t a substitute for good quick striking ability and our kickboxing classes are designed for just that, lots of reps of high percentage hits and targets its also a fantastic and fun way to get into shape. Putting the fun in ‘fun’ctionality. Great effort guy’s and remember the new timetable has a kickboxing class almost every week night so there’s now no excuse to train!

Krav Maga

Starting off with a moderate body weight warm up Dimitri took the class through a series of comsets on the pads, setting up various kicks and strikes. The past two weeks have been about goin back to basics and we threw the guys into a simple but really intense multiple attack drill, remember if there are a bunch of guys picking on you they’re not gonna line up and let you smack them, we don’t train to be in a van damme movie, we have to physically orientate ourselves to acquire a target and there’s no place this is more relevant then when dealing with multiple attackers. Great effort, especially to those handful of guys that stayed for all three classes. See you all on Thursday!

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