Tuesday, 25 October 2011


As always Monday night is Drill night at Tactical Edge Edinburgh but before we jumped to the good stuff we ran through some pad work to warm up. The guys smashed they’re way through sets of 2 minute rounds using various hammer, palm heel and forearm strike’s from there we dumped the pads and went into some little com sets to put these strikes to good use. Tonight’s drill consisted of cover and slash, this drill is primarily a reverse grip knife drill and once we got it flowing I reminded the guys that anytime we cover any form of karambit or reverse grip knife we’re essentially working our empty hand elbows. We finished off by dissecting the drill and pulling some great functional movement out of it. Everyone got flowing with the drill at some point but remember you get better by doing! So get practising at home and you’ll see a vast improvement when it comes to pulling some functionality out of these drills. Good effort from everyone.


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