Tuesday, 2 August 2011


On Sunday we did a grading for the higher level KM guys. Most had not graded since the Judo Club days so we started at the beginning and worked our way through the syllabus. It was a great days training and again forced us to look at some of the material again and consider whether it is in the right level or whether it was needed at all. One particular technique we found works well however it can be easily countered - it is one of the ground escapes. I was looking at Scott doing it and he didnt like it which set alarm bells ringing. We quickly chatted and realised if we changed the escape then the linked stand up version needs to change for consistency yet the stand up application works perfect. Then we discussed the fact that we would then need to turn one way for one version and one way for another which would lead to confusion. Then I wondered if we needed the ground version at all. It was a good session as it did flag up potential problems with some techniques and the necessity to constantly develop things.

So after around five hours training the guys went home happy with the certificates they earned. For the guys that can't make it I am going to grade you over a number of weeks after class. I will give you more details later on.


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