Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Loch Lomond (Balloch) Highland Games. 16th July 2011.

The day started off with a drive that took slightly longer than anticipated due to Dereks lack of directions, so after an extra 45 minutes of travel we finally arrived at the games!
The team this week consisted of Myself, Dimitris, Derek and his mate Mitchell Walker. So we registered paid our entry fees and waited for the days wrestling to start.

Weight classes this time round were 11.7st for me (still a stone odd above my natural weight), 12.7st for Derek and Dimitris, while Mitchell took on the 14.7st category!

First up was myself and after a slow start I managed to find my groove and started to pull myself back and managed to get myself placed 3rd

Next up was Dimitris and Derek. Dimitris had the unfortunate job of facing off against a much more experienced wrestler for his first bout and then he had to face off with the current world champ for his 2nd.
For his first time wrestling it was unfortunate but he put on a great show of spirit and determination and pulled out a few falls against very good competition.

Next up Derek who put on a great performance that saw him advance right to the final of the 12.7st British Championship and take 2nd to Robert Clark, the defending champion and current world title holder.
Another great performance for the Combat Ready boys!!

To finish up our days entrants was Mitchell Walker in the 14.7st category, again Mitchell was wrestling for the first time but took to it like a fish to water. As he's a rugby player I think this really helped his base,
that and the fact he's a big strong lad. Another great performance and a few upsets along the way with Mitchell managing to take falls from 2 of the best wrestlers at that weight!

So, two 3rd places and a 2nd place in the 12.7st British Championship final. Not bad for a bunch of guys who only recently (4-5 weeks ago) started training and competing!!!

Next up is the Bridge of Allan Highland Gathering, 7th August 2011. Onwards and upwards!!


I would just like to add how proud I am of the guys going and competing. They train consistently and it's paid off. If anyone is interested in competing or training then speak to Scott. There will be a specific class starting after the summer holidays.


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