Sunday, 5 June 2011


Krav Maga Edinburgh

Thursday night the guys started with a quick run outside to the park and back! Once back in they got into pairs for a 5 station circuit consisting of Body weight, kettlebell and weighted exercises10 minutes straight through with no break. Great effort by all.

It was students choice and the guys asked to do defence against baseball bat attacks (Dean) and to have a look at Krav takedowns (Lawrie). Firstly we looked at defending against the attack coming on the horizontal line, tying up our attackers arms then counter striking before making our escape, all the while scanning the area. Onto the vertical line attack which went the same as before, defend, neutralise, counter attack then escape.

Once the guys had those in the bag we moved onto the bowling ball takedown. We stuck with the vertical line attack and used this as the entry to get close enough to get the takedown. Once the gap had been closed the guys worked in the takedown and finished with strikes before escaping again whilst scanning the area.

The class finished off with a quick game. Half the class with the foam bats half without. All just walking about until the guys with the bats decided to attack. After about 5 minutes of this i gave all the guys a bat each and for the last minute they had to be both attacker and defender. Great effort by all in attendance.

Next up was the Ground Combatives class.
The class started with the usual 3 minutes of shrimping, into our position changing drill then onto a new drill for the guys. The Lower Body Control Drill. This drill is similar to our other drills in the way that your moving round the entire body of your opponent only this time controlling the legs as oppossed to the upper body.

On to the techniques. First up was a review of the neck crank from side control and how this can be turned quickly to a baseball bat choke in the evnet of your opponent freeing his head. We then looked at using a face crank to gain entry to the neck so we can then apply the choke. These techniques were combined and turned into a little drill were the guys applied the neck crank, their opponent frees their head only to end up with a crank to the face ending in the choke! Last technique of the night, defence and escapes if your opponent has back control (chest to back) in a seated position. We trained to escape from from this position with our opponents hooks in and out. The night ended in usual fashion with a bit of rolling, 3 minute rounds change of partner at the end of the round.

Before everyone went home for the night i stressed how important it is to remember that position is the most impotant thing, the locks and breaks are a last resort. If we find ourselves in a position and its there for the taking, take it, but never look to set up locks/breaks or work for a choke if there is a better option such as striking and making a quick get away as the longer you spend on the ground the more likely you are to come to harm yourself.

Good effort by all once again.

Scott M

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