Friday, 13 May 2011


Ground Fighting class. Round 2.

We went straight into the drills from last week to get the guys moving, these were shrimping into shrimping the length of the gym with a partner sitting in mount and finished with some forward and backward rolls.

Onto the first position changing drill. Starting from their opponents guard the guys passed guard into side control, scarf hold, north/south, scarf hold, side control into mount. The guy on the bottom then used the bridge and roll to end up in the others guard and took his turn at the drill. All the guys were moving nicely and had obviously been practising at home and it showed!

Next up was a back control drill. One guy turtleling the other on top, chest to back. Starting in north/south the guys then moved to side control then onto full back control (no hooks), back to side and then finish back in north/south. Good understanding from the guys.

Then a little bit of grappling for positional control only. Starting from various positions (both on backs, one on back one on front, etc,etc) the guys then scrambled to gain control. I encouraged the guys to go at about 50-60%, and to put themselves into bad postitions to see how they could escape and what tools they could use in such a situation. One minute rounds, eight rounds with a change of partner at the end of each round, no breaks!!
Again top marks to the guys for effort.

Now onto the technique for the week. Reinforced straight arm wrap from mount.
We looked at application of this and how to adjust it if your opponent tries to escape.
Once again when the lock was on we then looked at using it to break then control our opponent, with the option of delivering follow up strikes.

Once the guys got to grips with that we finished up with a little bit rolling. One guy was in for 3 minutes with a fresh opponent every minute. Then the next guy got the same until all had done there own 3 minute round.

Maximum effort by all in attendance and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Another successfull class.
Hopefully we'll see some new faces next week for some more Ground Fighting goodness!

Scott M

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