Friday, 20 May 2011


The night started with 3 minutes skipping into shrimping for 3 minutes, forward/backward rolls for 3 minutes and finally bridging with a partner in full mount for a further 2 minutes then switch. The class then split in two as we had a few new guys along.

The new guys got a catch up of the previous weeks so we started with bridging and rolling, ending up in their partners guard then passing the guard of their partner to gain side control. Then a quick demonstration of the figure 4 arm-lock from guard and then the reinforced straight arm wrap from mount, with entries and setups to both.
The guys then worked through both techniques and showed good understanding.

The second group went straight into their positional drills of the 5 basic positions and the back control drill. Once they had their footing with those we then started looking at striking from these positions and the different strikes we could use depending on the position we were in. Punches, hammer-fists elbows and knees were all employed. So both drills with added strikes for 3 minutes each, again amazing effort from the guys who really threw themselves into it.

Then a little bit of grappling for positional control only for the new guys. Starting both on backs they scrambled and went for 1 minute rounds then changed partner.
The other guys however had it a bit different!. They had 3 minute rounds of GROUND FIGHTING not GRAPPLING. So locks, chokes AND STRIKING were all used which really changes the game! After a 3 minute round the guys switched partner and went at it again.

The class then came back together and the guys got to do a little bit rolling. Grappling only this time. Again 3 minute rounds with a new opponent at the end of each!

I've said it every week so far but maximum effort by all in attendance.
I'm really pleased with how this class is shaping up! Loads of good stuff to come so get along and get training!

Scott M

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