Friday, 18 March 2011

Thursday at Krav Maga

The class warmed up with some of the usual exercises with a little twist. Squats with your partner on your back and push ups with your partner on your back. Firemans lifts with sprints and a whole host of other exercises that "did the job"!

The main focus of tonight's class was to delve into that little tool box we have at our disposal. What is the best combination to use when my training partner is trying to use their tools on me. Yes that's right, it was sparing!

It wouldn't be a night of sparing without "sick note" injuring himself. Last nights injury was a little chip on his tooth. Did he have his mouth guard in? No, he forgot it. Lets hope he doesn't do that again.

The class were a little rusty to start off with but as the night progressed I saw some really clean shots with well worked combinations on display. If you train in Tactical Edge only, you should get down to one of these classes and have a sample of what goes on in the Krav Maga sparing session.

We will try and run at least one of these classes a month. They really do aid your training guys. Leave a comment if you were there and enjoyed it so we can identify if this is what you want.

Finally thanks for your support in buying the new style T-shirts and Hoodies. We still have a little stock left so get in contact and reserve them before they are gone.

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