Monday, 8 November 2010


Absolutely awesome class this evening in Mark Davies Tactical Edge system. We started with a circuit and then went to look at the banda banda drill. We started at long range keeping our live hand out of the fray and angling oour body more to protect vitals. From there we went to our typical medium range where we using the live hand. We substituted one of the training knives for the foam so that we could could really go full tilt on our opponent and look at multiple strikes up and down the body. I encouraged all the guys to break the plain if possible. From there we came out of the drill and let the attacked feed us random angles. I tried to hammer home to guys about the evasive body motions Mr Davies uses in this drill. On the high line he is getting his head out the way and on the low line he evacuates his stomach. Fantastic class and a great effort from everyone.

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