Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Last night during the sparring class I stressed to the guys that they really should be wearing a groin guard and a gum sheild. Most accidents that result in teeth coming out are usually total accidents, a clash of heads, an elbow in the mouth for example. Take a simple precaution and buy a gum shield. You can get great quality gum shields and groin guards at the gym. Just ask next time you are down training. You shouldnt just be wearing these when sparring you should have them on from the moment the warm up finishes. You just never know when you an accident can happen. We have a geat safety record and I think the only tooth that was ever lost was Big Lee the first night he was training. Be smart, be safe and have a lovely smile.


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  1. Guys,

    I didnt lose the tooth it shattered a section of it off which resulted in a £350 dentist bill!

    For the sake of a £10 investment or actually taking the gum shield out of your bag and wearing it. It could potentially save you from any permanent damage.