Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Training outside in the sun is fantastic. You burn more calories in the warm up and you get a tan. We covered the main striking curriculum and then into long range 3 count sumbrada and then into range where we could use our live hand. We explained the purpose of the drill and how in reality if we destroyed a hand in combat that would be the end of the engagement or we would capitalise on the destruction and role over them or escape. We also pointed out that if we both used extension weapons then the range will not always allow us to seek the hand and we might get stick on stick contact. Again, how likely is it that we will both have extension weapons. Well the angles we train are the same if they were empty hand attacks. We may be using a rolled up magazine against an empty hand attack. We use the stick as it gives us a sense of timing, rhythm, distance and travels at a greater speed than an hand or foot. Towards the end of the class we looked at our elbow destructions and all follow up strikes had to be elbows. I said that next Monday's class would look at some of the material from the Battle Camp which is this week. Remember, if you haven't paid then you need to do so ASAP and if you want a space then let me know quickly as I need to finalise numbers for food etc.

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