Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Sprint warm up followed with two versions of the now very popular (at least with me) Nazi drill then on to some solid pad work. We focused on different tool to different target, working through the straight punch,inside and downward hammer fist,front snap kick,knee and palm heel strikes. Remember its important to flow from range to range using different tools and not just smash through things like a thug! We quickly switched to defense against the round kick with two quick counters, after a few sore shins we took it to the floor to go over some choke defense, covering getting up safely. Its vitally important to know the difference between grappling and ground fighting. If you go down get yourself up as soon as and as safe as! we finished off with a quick review of the 360 drill. Great effort by all especially after that fast n furious warm up!

See you next week.


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