Monday, 2 February 2009

Tactical Edge Seminar

Yesterday had a group of the guys from Tactical Edge Edinburgh travel to Tactical Edge HQ for a seminar on the use the of the stinger. The stinger was created by Master at Arms James A. Keating (MAAJAK) as a force multiplier. It’s based on an old German push dagger and turns you into a Black belt instantly. Mark Davies who is the European Rep under MAAJAK provided a days learning on all things stinger! The beauty of the stinger is that is has a tiny footprint. I take mine everywhere and its been on the plane numerous times in my pocket attached to keys or my girlfriends had hers in her bag. They go completely unnoticed unlike most of the other tactical tools out there at present.

They kicked off with the hubud sensitivity drill and then we covered various grips and ways to conceal the stinger. The aim of the day was to utilise the stinger in such a way that it went unnoticed. No point in brandishing a piece of plastic we wanted to lure the guy into a false sense of security then whammy! We looked at various ways of striking with the stinger and a strike from silat was introduced which is very helpful when the attacker has his hands up defending strikes. We utilised the stinger with guntings to the lower and upper arm and looked at engaging multiple attackers. The day drew heavily on the Drawpoint drill from MAAJAK which works so nicely with the stinger. We then looked at using the limb destruction's from Tactical Edge with the stinger and also destroying straight attacks with knuckle busts. We also covered kicking attacks and looked at some other silat concepts. Again Mark stressed the need not to worry about the actual attack, simply the angle. This makes more sense and allows you to quickly develop a solid defence. Seminar participants came away with a lot of concepts to take home and develop. Not just a bag of techniques that if you don’t remember you have wasted your entry fee. The more you train in Tactical Edge the more you can see the underlying principles and concepts and how you can apply them in your training. Remember everything we did yesterday can be done empty hand as well. Mark demonstrated nicely when we looked at the various forms of Hubud.


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  1. Wish I'd made time to go, sounds like people got their moneysworth and a right good pummeling!