Thursday, 19 February 2009

News at Krav Maga Edinburgh

Tuesday Night

Last night we were lucky enough to have Rannoch Donald, Ken Blackburn and Jason Dolby in the club. Rannoch organised for these guys to come over from the US to hold the first IKFF Kettlebell certification in Scotland. So the guys headed down to the club and put the guys through their paces with some conditioning, mobility and kettlebell drills. I’m very grateful for the guys for making the effort to come down and share their knowledge with us and particularly Jason for helping me with my back problems. Like Rannoch emphasised last night, please take the mobility portion and work this everyday in your own time. Since I started training with Rannoch a couple of years ago, I have noticed a huge increase in his mobility which just comes from repetition and commitment. I’m sure you will all agree he moves great in class for being 47 which to most of us young guys is ancient. For anyone interested in further KB training please visit Kettle Bells Scotland. We use the KBs in every class but I strongly encourage everyone joining to sign up to Rannoch’s level one workshops to get a solid grounding in the basics.

Tactical Edge Instructor Training

I’ve been having a ball since Sunday at the Tactical Edge instructor training. Lee and I been up in Arbroath with a bunch of guys from Edinburgh, London, Leeds and Ireland training with Mark Davies Tactical Edge. Started at the beginning of the system and worked through some of the most advanced concepts available today. Everyone on the course has a solid background in training and it was just so much fun sharing ideas and experiences. I’m really looking forward to the next one in May.

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