Saturday, 24 January 2009

Women's conditioning and self defence class

The women's conditioning class and self defence class is now on Thursday's at 6:30pm.
In the class we cover conditioning using Kettlebells and body weight drills. Use the link to see The basic swing in action. We cover many more drills with the Kettlebells and all levels are catered for. If its the first time you have came across a Kettlebell then we will take good care of you and not just throw you in at the deep end. The most important thing is to master the technique so that you can reap the rewards of this great way of conditioning!

If you want to further you knowledge and expertise then Rannoch Donald of Kettlebells Scotland regularly hosts Kettlebell workshops throughout Scotland. These generally last 3 hours where he covers everything there is to know about the bells. Rannoch is a great source of information on the topic of Kettlebells and trains with us here at Krav Maga Edinburgh.

In the self defence portion we cover "the most common attacks" that are likely to happen to women whilst out minding their own business. We don't just go over how to deal with a threat but how not to get yourself in that position in the first place. Prevention is much better than cure.

We are currently recruiting new members to this class and as an introductory offer the first 2 classes are free to new members. We are sure you will enjoy so please feel free to bring a friend along.

For the existing members of Krav Maga Edinburgh let your wife's, partners and friends know of this great offer.

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask Marcus or Lee at the Women's Self Defence at Krav Maga Edinburgh

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