Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Please read this

News Story

If anyone can think of an appropriate defences against this please leave a comment.



  1. My suggestion would be three rounds of .45 Federal Hydrashock in the head of each attacker.
    Unfortunately we aren't allowed to carry CCW handguns in this god forsaken country, so my suggestion would be good awareness & trying to escape the situation before any form of incendiary could be deployed. Failing that being switched on enough to spot the deployment of lighter fluid or similar, & going pre-emptive to get out of the killzone before it can be sprayed & lit. Saw something similar a few years back, but they'd beaten the guy up first, & then set him alight when he couldn't defend himself.

  2. Always travel with a buddy, he can watch your back whilst you sleep.

  3. In my humble opinion, part of Krav Maga is being aware of your surroundings, and not putting yourself in a vulnerable position.

    I don't know the situation on that particular train, but I know when I do and don't feel safe sleeping on a train - or in public in general.

    Although yeah, an asbestos beanie might work too lol

  4. Tattoo open eyes onto one's eyelids?

    Failing that I'd suggest making an effort not to fall asleep while surrounded by strangers.