Thursday, 20 November 2008

Wednesday 20th Nov

Last night Lee kicked off the class with the kettlebells and then straight into some work on the pads. Like Bruce Lee said you have to keep the tools sharp. Again, you can and should practice at home. Think what it was like when you learned to drive. The people who had lessons and had their parents take them out for extra generally progressed faster than those only taking lessons. If you see people in class and wonder how they developed like they did it’s down to commitment, attendance and training outside of class. Lee does the outdoor class on a Sunday which is a chance to work on the kettlebells, pads and conditioning.

We then worked on various chokes from various positions and the pros and cons of using various escapes from different systems. We thought how these attacks are likely to arise. That’s a very important part of the training. No point in standing in the middle of a hall doing static chokes – where has that happened in the history of violence!

Tactical Edge class began with a de-brief after the seminar at the weekend. We then focussed on combatives and some of the low line kicks that feature early on in the system. Then it was on to skill at arms with the tapping drill and then swiftly on to edged weapon attacks. I hope to have a separate site for Tactical Edge Edinburgh up and running before the new year so keep your eyes peeled.

I would also like to think another of the Faetz clan who came up from Newcastle to do some photography for us. Hope to have the photos up on the site soon.


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