Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Monday at Krav Maga Edinburgh

Women's class

The women's only class is going from strength to strength. Improvements are being made by everyone in terms of fitness and the fluid of movement in pad drills and self defence techniques.
In the class we focused on using the kettlebells with the swing, weighted squats and press. A great example of how versatile the KB's are. We then moved onto some pad drills utilising palm heel strikes in all directions.
The self defence portion we concentrated on 2 handed clothing grabs and what to do in this situation. If the hands are holding onto clothes then we are in a much better position than if the are hitting us. So our priority is not in clearing the hands but on attacking, if the situation deems so.
We explored different ways of coming out of this finishing off with the head under (tilt). This is something that can be practiced at home on friends or partners.

Fight class

Fight class we donned our gloves and went through some pad combinations to sharpen the tools. We mixed these up utilising jab, cross, hooks and upper cuts. The important thing to remember is that the brain needs to talk to not just the hands but all parts of the body at the same time so the movements are fluid and we are always ready to attack or defend.
The last part of the class was the guys time to put the combinations into practice. Some good efforts from the guys in using the combos especially by Lukas who dueled with Marcus and held his own.

Krav Maga

Last night after Lee’s kettlebell warm-up we got straight into the pads. We then looked at intercepting common attacks and using two take downs when either the person is in a vertical foetal position or when they are bent over. We then flipped over to the Tactical Edge house and looked at the principle of de-fanging the snake. We had the attacker using an edged weapon attacking on the most common lines and the defender used an impact weapon in defence. We pointed out the impact weapon could be a rolled up magazine, a bottle, a pen, pencil, cup or a mobile phone. I then demonstrated the principle with the empty hand.

Marcus and Lee

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