Thursday, 6 November 2008

No Surrender

Thanks for your efforts last night. It was a short, sharp introduction to the kind of training methods that really can make a difference to the way you ultimately perform. We scratched the surface.

For the swing, drive though the heels, knees, snap the hips, sharp exhale, hips forward, floating ribs down, shoulders sucked in, reverse and repeat!

Like all the best methodologies, once you have the fundamentals nailed you will see your progress skyrocket. How so? Because you are "greasing the groove". Performing a little but doing it often is the key. Whether it is a new technique or a body weight drill the principle is the same. Own it. The simplest way to hardwire this stuff is to perform, rest, repeat. A little, often. There are no prizes for being the guy who kills himself in training. Practising this way you will begin to find the spots where you can rest, regroup and prepare yourself for the next set.

From a combatives perspective we all learn the same techniques. We all work on the same drills. So, when push comes to shove, all else being equal, what is the one thing you can develop that might give you the edge?

Conditioning. And conditioning, certainly the way we train it, has a very strong mental component. The mind will give out long before the body. Remember that when you feel like quitting during a 60 rep set of Hindu Squats. Finish it out. It's just a body weight squat. And no, I am not contradicting myself here. Don't kill yourself, just be honest. Am I really done or am I simply giving up?

To quote the great Vince Lombardi - "The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender"

What we teach is how we train.

How you train is how you fight. Remember those words.

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  1. Oh so true!

    Greetings from Belgium!

  2. Woohoo! I appreciated Rannoch comin' round to show how to swing the KBs properly (or in my case how I've been doing it wrong!).

    When I went home that night the first object I came to in my hallway was my KB, which looked up at me with a ' *sob!* You never swing me close and hold me like you used to' look.

    This made me think "I want pizza" so i had a pizza.

    Later, however, I though about how I've got every reason to start swinging my KB again, and no reason not to, so that's that I'm going to do.

    Cheers for the motivation Rannoch!

  3. sorry i missed this :(

  4. After the workout with Rannoch the next day it was certainly sore in the places he said it should be sore.
    So going upstairs, opening doors and other such forward movements confirmed this. Ouch!