Thursday, 13 November 2008

Krav Maga Edinburgh

Monday we had the 500 and tonight we had the '50'.
50 Kettlebell swings
50 push ups
50 squats
50 star jumps
as soon as you finished it was straight into the plank until the rest of the group had completed their exercises. Good effort guys and both Marcus and I can see a real improvement in every ones fitness levels. Keep up the good work!

Tonight's Krav Maga class we focused in on pad drills, straight punch and using the environment to your benefit. Walls and tables make a good equaliser.

Tactical Edge

With the impending Seminar and grading Marcus focused in on some revision for us all. The class split into 4 groups and we just worked through our respective grades.
I know I have mentioned this previously but if you are new to the club or just like popping in for a read. This Saturday See's Mark Davies return to Edinburgh for one of his now legendary seminars. Please feel free to drop by and partake in this seminar. You will not be disappointed.
I have stolen the following text from Marks Blackbelt Academies

Well, the way around this is to learn how to use the concepts from Tactical Edge to turn everyday objects into viable defensive tools. If you think of the skills Tactical Edge covers- Unarmed - Edged - Impact - flexible. Almost anything you pick up can slot into those categories. In Tactical Edge the body mechanics & movements we use in our unarmed methods mirror our skill-at-arms methods, so with a little bit of conceptualisation we can pick up anything & use it as an equaliser.

So on this seminar I need you to bring a few everyday items. A Coffee Mug. A Credit Card you don't mind messing up. A good strong Dog Leash (if you don't have one then a piece of rope or even bandanna will do). A robust glossy magazine (like men's health or playboy- joke). A sturdy pen (a sharpie pen is perfect). A tea spoon. A cheap & nasty metal fork (one that is easily bent). A walking stick, or a broom handle cut to walking stick length (a kali stick is a bit short).

We'll be working through these different items & applying them through the conceptual lens of Tactical Edge & ComTech. Its going to be a fun & light hearted course, but at the same time one that can teach you skills that could be life saving

We would love to see you there. Seminar kicks off at 12 and is being hosted at Borughmuir Rugby Club.


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  1. It's like the best scavenger hunt _ever_!