Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Krav Maga Edinburgh

Women's conditioning class

The class is going from strength to strength. The improvements being made by all the students is fantastic! a real achievement so keep it up. Class went into kettlebell swings with a lot of body weight drills.
Self defence portion concentrated on some pad drills and what to do when an attacker grabs you by the clothes.

Krav Maga

Class kicked off with a small warm up and stretches which then turned into what is known as the 500.
Grab a partner and between the 2 of you do 250 kettlebell swings, 100 push ups and 150 squats. Easy he says, shouting out the orders.

Covered in the class was defence against hay maker with bowling ball take down. Then into straight punch with striking and finish mode.

Fight class was good. Some more quality pad drills to think about. Some nice light sparring was produced. This is when you really need to exercise control when engaging your fight partner. Respect the club and your training partners.

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