Tuesday, 28 October 2008

With All Hallow’s Eve rapidly approaching are you prepared for the (potential) ensuing Zombie Hordes?!

These apocalyptically minded chaps from across the pond are;


You may wish to use the skills you’ve practice in Tactical Edge to get pre-emptive on their forsaken grey zombie asses. However, it may take a while for sharp pointy things to get through the mail.

While techniques we practice in class are all designed for living opponents, just about all of them have transferrable applications to the undead.

While it’s great to know lots of nifty visually impressive moves for all occasions, under unexpected stress it can be harder to access them (and the zombies want your brains, not your autograph), keeping the basics will likely see you through to the dawn.

We’ve practiced ‘defence against zombie’, deflecting or passing their outreached grabby zombie arms and ensuring that as far as possible we keep mobile. As you pass each zombie try to keep them in a line and yourself on the outside of the group. Traditional zombies rely on cornering the living with their strength of numbers, so just as important as avoiding their arms you must be aware of your exits and where the other zombies are. You might be able to go through a couple of zombies but an attempt to bust through a group will likely see your intestines flying through the air.

There’s no shame in getting yourself out of there and into a place of refuge, in real (un)life you get points for surviving, not for how many of them you take down.

And remember, if you get bitten, you're on your own. Enjoy the festivities!


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